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Widening Gap in Analytics

Only the truly uninformed would fail to see a relatively straight line between the use of analytics and faster or better business decisions. A recent report released by MIT Sloan Management Review in collaboration with IBM Institute for Business Value only reinforces that thinking. In fact, it underscores the competitive synergies created through a well-integrated […]

Is Your Data Warehouse Fragile or Agile?

In his most recent blog, Ralph Hughes makes the point that business managers have grown accustomed to seeing data warehousing professionals “disappear after gathering requirements, only to return 10 or more months later with applications that don’t meet the needs or are out of date because the business has changed while we were off coding.”

Are data professionals enabling agility for the business?

Every few years, a word or phrase becomes so commonly used in the language of business that it loses its effect. I remember when “strategic” meant something very specific about competitive advantage. “Quality” and “customer-centric” were rally points for corporate culture. “Innovation” (after a round of “ideation” of course) would almost guarantee a slice of […]

I just love Lora Cecere

I confess. I just love Lora Cecere. I’ve been her client; she’s been my boss, and I call her a trusted friend and advisor. We’ve enjoyed conversations and exchanged ideas in hallways, convention centers, airports, taxi cabs, hotel bars and many restaurants across the country and gabfests by phone. One of my absolute favorite Lora […]

A Tale of Two Bens

As a general rule, the most successful man in life is the man who has the best information. – Benjamin Disraeli By way of introduction, I should probably tell you that plowing through information gets me sort of excited.  My wife will tell you that this is not normal. Maybe it’s a mutated gene that all […]