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The Tech Tribune: 2019 Best Tech Startups in Austin

The Tech Tribune staff has compiled the very best tech startups in Austin for 2019, Magnitude Software has been ranked in 4th place.

The Tech Tribune: 2018 Best Tech Startups in Texas

The Tech Tribune staff has compiled the very best tech startups in Texas for 2018, Magnitude Software has been ranked in 9th place.

Dataversity: Magnitude Software Launches Universal Connectivity Platform, Magnitude Gateway

Dataversity includes in its Education Resources For Use & Management of Data section the launch of the Universal Connectivity Platform, Magnitude Gateway.

ZDNet: Strata NYC 2018: AI, data governance, containers and the production-ready data lake

ZDNet’s Andrew Brust mentioned Magnitude Gateway in its Strata Data Conference 2018 round-up. Where he focused on the benefits of the universal driver Magnitude Gateway.

KMWorld: Magnitude Gateway Delivers Unified Data Access

KMWorld’s Joyce Wells covers Magnitude Software’s new product release MAgnitude Gateway. “Magnitude Software has introduced Magnitude Gateway, a data connectivity platform that delivers instant, self-service access to operational and analytical data wherever it resides, as well as an improved user experience.”

Austinno: Austin Startup Funding, Acquisitions and Venture Capital Activity June 2018

Austinno’s Acquisitions, Mergers & IPOs section from July 5, 2018 by Brent Wistrom includes the Every Angle acquisition by Magnitude.

Inside SAP: Magnitude Software boosts SAP capabilities with Every Angle acquisition

Inside SAP’s Debra Hamilton conver Magnitude’s acquisition of Every Angle on its Market Insights section.

BI Platform: Magnitude Software neemt SAP Business Analytics Innovator Every Angle over

BI Platform covers latest Magnitude’s acquisition Every Angle.

BostInno Departed: Boston Startups That Were Acquired or Shut Down in June

Bostinno mentions Magnitude Software’s latest acquisition Every Angle in its The Merged and Acquired section. Read full article >

KMWorld: Magnitude Software Acquires SAP Business Analytics Vendor

KMWorld’s Joyce Wells covers Magnitude Software’s acquisition of Every Angle. “This is the third acquisition in the past 8 months, and seventh in total, expanding its presence in the SAP ecosystem while providing a mature base of operations in Europe.”

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