Introducing NoetixViews Workbench 2.1.1

By Paul Winterstein, Senior Director, Product Management

The Magnitude Software engineering team has been hard at work during the past several months to complete NoetixViews Workbench 2.1.1, a maintenance release that improves the scalability and stability of Workbench.

The primary purpose of Workbench 2.1.1 is to fix some issues from previous releases. Key among the improvements is the performance of the application in large environments. Operations on packages that contain dozens or even hundreds of views and legacy customization scripts – including packaged, staged, promote, and import – that used to run for tens of minutes or even hours, now run significantly faster. In many cases the time has been reduced to seconds or minutes. These results come from our beta customers, one of which is using Workbench to manage nearly 400 customized views.

You’ll also find faster page to page navigation giving the application a responsiveness more in-line with the speed at which you work.

The release includes fixes to 24 bugs as well as a few more minor enhancements.

The most significant improvements have been made in the Upgrade My Customizations process which is used whenever you upgrade NoetixViews to a newer version. I strongly recommend you review the release notes before proceeding with the installation or upgrade to 2.1.1. And I invite you to learn more about this release at our spotlight event.