Why you need EVERY-Domain Master Data Management

Last week, a Customer Data Integration vendor (CDI) announced they were changing the name of their product to “Multi-Domain MDM Hub”, citing that “nearly half” of their customers use their product for multi-domain purposes. That means that more than half use it for only one domain. What is it that makes it so difficult for CDI and PIM (product information management) vendors to expand into other domains?

There are two major challenges when it comes to managing master data. The first is the relationships between data. In a single domain application, there might be 50-100 relationships. With two domains, that can expand up to 250 or more. Now consider a system mastering data for ten domains, and the number of relationships can explode to 2,500 or more. Not only is modeling these relationships complex, but this brings us to the second point; managing the process of maintaining these relationships can be a nightmare.

Because these solutions were built to manage single domains, their ability to manage data relationships is fairly simple. As the number of domains increase, the complexity increases. When one relationship is changed, it can affect not only the data but other relationships within the model. Because most of these “hubs” have no significant workflow capability, it’s impossible to know how changes impact the design until bad things happen.

As I thought about these challenges, I wondered why we don’t have more issues. As one of the original providers of MDM, we’ve seen customers deploy our MDM solution for customer, product, brand, market segment, people, asset, tax structure- virtually any domain you can think of. So is Kalido a CDI solution? Yes. A PIM solution? Yes. A Multi-Domain solution? Yes. But most importantly, Kalido MDM is an EVERY-domain solution.

This is our view of the world; that you should be able to model your master data to manage your business, not to fit within a construct limited by technology. On top of this unique approach, our sophisticated workflow allows you to maintain master data, giving your applications and users the highest quality data.

Kalido is the only MDM provider to deliver an EVERY-domain solution for the market, and the governance process to maintain it. Whether you’re using MDM for customer, product, for hierarchy management or to feed your BI layer from bad data, Kalido provides the product AND process to support whatever the business throws at you.

This post originally ran on CIO.com

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