Where’s the focus?

As we moved from our market prototype to design, we had to ask ourselves one critical thing up front; where should we focus our efforts? As we scanned the market, we saw what people were calling “data governance”. Typically MDM applications with a business user interface that would give them the ability to “see” master data. We know that governance is more about the intersection of data, process and systems- all in the context of organization. Without this level of context, wouldn’t you just be getting another way to manage data?

This was our starting point. How would we encapsulate all three into a product that would enable the data governance process? We settled on policy. Policy management gives us the ability to set policy across all of these dimensions and then provide a system to maintain and improve performance against these policies. A good policy manages multiple dimensions. As our design took shape and we began discussing it with the market, we knew we had hit on something big.

Next: The future has arrived.

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