What to expect at Oracle OpenWorld 2012

As people from around the globe prepare to make their annual pilgrimage to the Oracle OpenWorld conference at the end of September, the media and analysts will be catching plenty of eyeballs with their predictions for this year’s show.

With tongue in cheek, TechTarget tells readers that “not only will everything be Oracle Cloud this and Oracle Cloud that, but at some point during the keynote, Larry Ellison will force everyone to repeat after him slowly, ‘Oracle has always loved the cloud, and the cloud has always loved Oracle.'”

In an InfoWorld article, database industry analyst Curt Monash speculated that Oracle will introduce new versions of its Exadata family of ‘engineered systems.’  Last year at OpenWorld, the company debuted two new systems, Exalytics and the Big Data Appliance.  It’s not clear whether the vendor plans to debut yet another new flavor of engineered system this year, and it already recently announced a major upgrade to the software stack that runs its Exalogic application-server machine.

Attendees can also expect a preview of Oracle’s next-generation database since the final version is expected to be GA in December, according to several news reports.

One thing is certain: there’s going to be a lot of good music.  Enjoy!

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