Training in the Cloud

In my last post I poked a bit of fun at the Big Data marketing hype and this week I figured, why stop there? So today’s topic is the cloud – except this post is relevant to the cloud!

For those of you who are reticent about trusting sensitive corporate data to the cloud, managing security and so on, there is one area that lends itself to leveraging the cloud that doesn’t involve letting out any sensitive data. That area is training.

Traditionally, clients have sent their team members to an offsite training facility at the vendor’s location. Besides the obvious benefits of accumulating frequent flyer miles, there are a number of drawbacks to this approach to getting people trained on your latest software investment in a classroom setting. It’s time away from the office. It requires travel expenses above the cost of the course. And you cannot control when a course is scheduled – it may not be convenient for your team to fly away for a week given other things happening at the office or at home, or the course may not be scheduled until well after your project is slated to begin.

Today we announced the Kalido Virtual Classroom and this cloud-based solution for getting your team trained in Kalido overcomes all these issues. We are now able to offer training courses over the web that can be scheduled when it’s convenient for you. And there’s no travel expense so it is less expensive and easier to attend. This also makes it easy for ALL your team members, anywhere in the world, to get trained on Kalido.

How does it work? Courses are delivered via video-based lessons and hands-on exercises using Kalido software. And here’s where the cloud comes in – all the Kalido components necessary to take the hands-on exercises are running in the cloud. Each student gets their own personal instance of Kalido to use for the duration of the course. Exercises are checked for successful completion. Got questions? We offer online chat with Kalido technical experts to handle any questions as well as remote environment sharing for any technical issues. And, just like printed course materials, students have continued access to the on-line video components so they can refer back to course topics at any time.

The first course available is the Comprehensive Kalido Dynamic Information Warehouse class. This course is designed for project team members involved in the implementation, maintenance and ongoing use of Kalido for data warehousing. Over time we’ll be offering other courses in the Kalido Virtual Classroom, both existing classes as well as new offerings.

Our pilot customers and partners have given the Kalido Virtual Classroom rave reviews. Check them out, as well as a short segment of the intro video from the Kalido DIW course listed on the training page.

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