The future has arrived.

On Tuesday, we announced the Kalido Data Governance Director, a new product that will enable companies to operationalize their data governance programs. As is our heritage, we are taking a more strategic view, creating a “tops down” data policy driven system that will give companies the ability to manage data policies, operationalize data governance processes and measure and improve policy compliance. This new product does something no product in this market does; it considers data, systems and business processes in context so policies are comprehensive and meaningful.

Too often technology vendors approach the market with a “bottoms-up” or repository centric view. With the Kalido Data Governance Director, companies will be able to build and deploy a program that makes a significant contribution to their company’s bottom line.

We’re very pleased to be working with some of the biggest companies in the world in bringing the product to market, as well as some of the most influential consulting firms in the space. Our decision to release a free “community edition” had been met with strong praise from customers and analysts alike. Our goal is to provide a robust framework that will enable companies to manage data as a shared asset.

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