Self-Service BI Promotes End User Independence

Leading companies are shifting the role of report writing from IT to the information consumer.  In this video, Noetix Empowers End Users to Answer Their Own Business Questions, hear firsthand from Noetix customers about how this shift has benefited both IT and business managers.  They’ll share thoughts on topics of key concern to IT including:

  • How prebuilt reports out of the box can be used to answer many of the most common business questions
  • How to remove the barriers to finding data in order to simplify end user access
  • How integration with Excel allows end users to manipulate the data themselves in a tool they are comfortable with

According to Lance Miller, Director of Corporate Applications at Iberdrola Renewables, Noetix has helped his team empower their end users to support themselves:  “Teach them how to fish—give them a little bit of instruction instead of developing the report for them.  If you spend that extra five minutes and show them how to use Noetix, then hopefully they won’t call you back.”

Free IT from the business of developing reports, and enable end users to access the data they need.

Featured Noetix customers include:  Lance Miller, Director of Corporate Applications at Iberdrola Renewables; Christine Schap, Senior Operations Analyst at College of American Pathologists; Purna Pidaparti, Senior IT Architect at Qualcomm; and John Cannava, Executive Director of Financial Systems and Billing at TeleTech.

Watch Video (2:33)

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