Self-Service BI Back in the Spotlight

If you are a Noetix customer, you are aware that one of the key benefits of the Noetix solution is its ability to quickly transform Oracle application data into an easy to use reporting solution, enabling business professionals to create custom reports without IT assistance.  We talk with customers every day who have used Noetix software to create an environment of self-service BI that has delivered instant business answers and eliminated an overwhelming backlog of requests for IT.

Given the fact that companies will need to analyze more data with each coming year, self-service BI is more necessary than ever before.  According to Forrester Research’s most recent BI report, The Forrester Wave™: Self-Service Business Intelligence Platforms, Q2 2012, by Boris Evelson, “Traditional BI approaches and technologies — even when using the latest technology, best practices, and architectures — almost always have a serious side effect: a constant backlog of BI requests.  Enterprises where IT addresses more than 20% of BI requirements will continue to see the snowball effect of an ever-growing BI requests backlog.”

Forrester’s advice and the key takeaways from the report are as follows:

IT Can No Longer Support the Majority of BI Requirements: BI is unlike any other enterprise software in that it exhibits a paradox: The more BI requirements you implement, the more new ones pile up.  Relying too heavily on IT-centric BI support models is not sustainable.

Self-service BI Features are Key to Empowering Business Users: Self-service BI capabilities go well beyond user-friendly or intuitive interfaces.  Forrester recommends examining all the product features evaluated in the report to ensure a well-rounded self-service capability.

Your Enterprise BI Platform May Already Provide Most of the Self-service Features: Before plunging into full-blown evaluations of separate BI tools for self-service, make sure that your current enterprise BI platform doesn’t already have many of the self-service features you need.

The Forrester Wave report referenced in this article is currently available from Forrester Research.  Click here for more information.

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