Executive Q & A with Pat Roche, Vice President, Engineering Applications

Could you provide some insight on where Noetix is heading with its product strategy for the coming year?

Noetix began a transformation in late 2009 with the acquisition of the product line that became Noetix Analytics, and subsequently a major component of Noetix BI.  We have grown from a niche Oracle E-Business Suite operational reporting company to a BI solutions provider encompassing numerous BI platforms and business applications.  The data warehouses belonging to Noetix customers contain information from hundreds of data sources and Noetix reporting solutions run on nearly a dozen different BI platforms.  We provide thousands of operational and analytical models and reports.  Noetix is the cornerstone of the BI strategy for many mature companies.

In addition to more BI content (business views, analytics models, semantic layers, reports, and dashboards) Noetix will expand support for BI platforms and additional business applications.  Although mostly behind the scenes, we will make significant progress on innovative technology that enables BI tools (cloud and on-premise), business applications, and BI content to be shared seamlessly and integrate automatically.

What are some of the more exciting product features Noetix will be introducing in 2012?

We will enable customers to greatly simplify customizing, extending, and managing their Noetix views with a new product called NoetixViews Workbench.  Additionally, a new product based on our Noetix Generator technology will be released for Microsoft BI, with automated generation of SSAS (OLAP) cubes.  Some of the features of Noetix MetaBuilder will be generally available for Noetix Analytics including advanced capabilities regarding flexfields and security.  And a significant number of new report and dashboard templates will be released to expedite customers’ ability to launch their BI solutions in a timely fashion.

What types of product updates are customers requesting?

BI and reporting users always want better query and data load performance.  We made significant strides in 2011 with views and analytics and we will continue to focus in this area for the coming year.  Report authors and consumers always have a hunger for more functional coverage and we will answer the call with significant features for NoetixViews and Noetix Analytics including new functional coverage in Project Management, Cash Management, Flow Manufacturing, Advanced Benefits, ASCP, OPM, EAM, and Payroll, just to name a few.

Where are you headed for Spring Break?

I’m planning to stay at a romantic igloo in Slovenia!

Just kidding!  I will be golfing in Mesquite, Nevada at one of my favorite courses, Wolf Creek.  Next, I’ll be off to Las Vegas to perform a few classic antics before heading to COLLABORATE 12.  Hope to see you there!

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