What is the average length of time between a Noetix implementation and the delivery of reports to end users?

QUESTION:  What is the average length of time between a Noetix implementation and the delivery of reports to end users?

ANSWER:  Every BI project is different, but there are some general facts that are true for every Noetix implementation. For real-time operational reporting (using NoetixViews), the initial implementation is deceptively easy, so the time to deliver the first reports is unbelievably short. Packaged analytics with a data warehouse (using Noetix Analytics) can be more complicated and generally takes a bit longer. Still, using the packaged data warehouse solution from Noetix yields results faster than any other data warehouse approach.

Let’s look more closely at each option.

To implement real-time operational reporting, the patented Noetix MetaBuilder process automates a great deal of the manual (and usually tedious) work. Noetix MetaBuilder detects details about your configuration of Oracle E-Business Suite and uses that information to generate custom database views. Noetix Generator integrates details of those database views into your BI platform: Oracle BI EE, Discoverer, Cognos, BusinessObjects, or Noetix Platform. The processes to create the views and integrate that information into the BI platforms completes within just a few hours. Literally, users can run reports within the first day or two of implementation.

Implementing strategic reporting using a data warehouse requires more effort because there are more moving parts to the implementation. New dimensions, metrics, and hierarchies usually need to be created. ETL scripts may need to be modified. External data sources often must be integrated. Noetix Analytics includes tools to simplify all of those tasks, but they still need to be done. Projects to implement Noetix Analytics are typically at least a few months long. However, Noetix takes an iterative implementation approach (implementing individual subject areas one by one) so that reporting on the first modules can begin within thirty days.

Of course, with both kinds of projects there are always ongoing customizations, new reports and dashboards to build, performance tweaks to make, and training to complete (both for users and administrators). For most customers, the initial implementation of Noetix’s operational reporting solution takes about a month – we recommend four to six weeks. After that, users will always want more reports, access to additional data, performance optimization, and new functionality. For Noetix Analytics projects, we recommend two to four months for an initial implementation. By industry standards, that’s exceptionally fast, much quicker than building a data warehouse in-house or implementing a solution from another vendor that won’t meet the needs of your organization.

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