Introducing Noetix Analytics for Oracle Financial Statement Generator

Noetix Analytics 5.0 was released last May, and more recently we’ve been diligently working on Noetix Analytics 5.1, which shipped in February. Noetix Analytics 5.1 has a big emphasis on new content including a powerful new feature called the Financial Statement Generator (FSG) data mart.

During months of development for this solution, we engaged the help of several partners and worked with them to identify challenges they experienced with their existing Oracle FSG reporting. We found they had limited drill-down capability with hundreds of existing FSG reports. They recounted that it was difficult to maintain the Application Desktop Integrator (ADI) and experienced loss of functionality when upgrading to R12. In addition, their FSG reporting was not integrated with their enterprise BI platform and data warehouse.

In response to these and other issues, we are introducing Noetix Analytics for Oracle FSG, a packaged data mart, including ETL routines, and a set of report templates that reproduce your existing Oracle FSG reports in your BI platform of choice, including Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition, Cognos, or Business Objects. In this way, Noetix preserves and extends the value of our customers’ investments in Oracle FSG reports.

Users will also benefit from dramatically superior drill-down capabilities provided by Noetix Analytics. Not only can they now see the FSG reports in their BI platform, they also have much better ability to interact with that report, and can drill to account balances, journal details, and ultimately all the way down to the sub-ledgers.

We’re very excited about this new capability and believe there will be a lot of demand for the solution. More details are available via this On Demand Web Seminar: Discover What’s New in Noetix Analytics.

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