Government Agencies Solve Decision Support Challenges with Noetix

In 2010, the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) issued a memorandum mandating improvements in key deliverables of financial system modernization projects, including decision support. OMB’s guidance, coupled with significant complexities and changes in Oracle applications, are causing government agencies to rethink their data access and delivery strategy – particularly those agencies that are considering implementing or upgrading to Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12.

Agencies like the Social Security Administration (SSA) are turning to Noetix for simplified data access to operational data sources. Noetix translates the complexity of the data sources into easy-to-use reporting objects or business views and significantly improves visibility and usability of real-time data, empowering non technical users to create and publish operational reports with little or no training.

For example, SSA chose Noetix software to automatically handle the conversions and database re-mappings required with new Oracle applications releases. With support from Noetix, SSA had the tools and technology required to meet deadlines and stay ahead of schedule during a recent migration to Oracle Release 12. Today, about 165 end users from SSA’s centralized accounting department use Noetix for ad hoc queries to develop their own financial reports. They now have secure access to additional data in cross-functional reports that they were not able to view using Oracle Discoverer.

Noetix provides agency analysts and related professionals an easier means to create, modify, and maintain operational reports without asking for technical assistance, reducing report development costs by as much as 70 percent.

For more information on Noetix Government Solutions including what’s new in OMB mandates and how Noetix can help customers navigate Oracle application upgrades, view Noetix’s On Demand Web Seminar, “Agencies Solve Decision Support Challenges with Noetix.”

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