Gartner MDM Summit Las Vegas

Last week, Kalido participated as a Platinum sponsor in the Gartner MDM Summit in Las Vegas. Co-chaired by Gartner analysts John Radcliffe and Andrew White, the conference came on the heels of the Gartner BI Summit and gained about 100 attendees from event for a total in the 4-500 range.

More than ever before, we heard from companies with business buy-in and under business-led mandates, having tackled organization and process and only now getting to technology decisions. Even those just starting out were focused on the business case and hearing about successes from other companies.

We were excited that Kalido’s own customers, Daymon Worldwide and Anheuser-Busch InBev, were able to present their stories. Our new partner Dan Power of Hub Solution Designs does a great job of summing up the AB InBev presentation here.

We were also pleased to see John and Andrew both validate Kalido’s chops in operational environments. The fact is that the majority of our MDM customers are using Kalido to manage master data for both operational and analytical use cases.

But our real strength and one of our biggest differentiators comes from our ability to handle EVERY master data domain. As Andrew said: “Kalido is a very interesting vendor in that they can model multiple domains.” I’ve written more on this subject in my blog, “Why you need EVERY-Domain Master Data Management.

What struck me particularly about the conference was the energy level and the rising interest in data governance. Even more significant was the startling mix of roles crossing business analysts and data architects to VPs and CIOs. It’s clear that master data management and data governance both have struck a chord. But I’m surprised at the number of people – particularly vendors – that are using the term “data governance” to mean “the latest generation of MDM.”

As you’ve read here from blogs by me and by Winston Chen, Kalido takes a very different view on data governance. Companies don’t need another IT tool that cleans up a mess – they need a proactive way to keep bad data from getting into their system to begin with. Take a look at Winston’s latest blog entry to see what I mean.

All in all the trip to Vegas helped to further validate some of the trends that we’re seeing in the market and provided us a great opportunity to reconnect with customers and partners, as well as get the pulse of the community. This time next year, I think we’ll find a greater distinction between and clarity around MDM and data governance. The business imperative is clearly there. It’s up to us to execute.

**Updated: The video of Jonathan Starkey’s presentation of AB InBev’s MDM journey is now available here. You can also view an interview with Daymon’s Abhi Beniwal here.

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  1. Lora Cecere
    Lora Cecere says:

    What do you think about the right fit of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to help with MDM complexities?

    I agree that the domains need to be tackled together. Any insights on enrichment data strategies for the domains together?

  2. Winston Chen
    Winston Chen says:

    Lora, thanks for your comment.

    we have not considered the relationship between SEO and MDM. I’m interested in specifically how the two can come together. You can email me at

    Aside from savings on software, staffing, training and implementation from not having to build several domain specific MDM systems, there’re great synergies among multiple MDM domains. 1+1+1 = 5. For example, many of our customers define market segments based on product/organization/geography combinations. Or relating customer hierarchies to employees who’re responsible. Or relating parts to suppliers. With all core master data domains together on a single platform (we call it EVERY domain MDM), you can manage these very important data and data relationships. I hope this answers your question on enrichment.

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