Data Governance: Necessity or Nicety?

Since we announced Kalido Data Governance Director in June, we’ve seen a flurry of inbound activity. I tweeted this morning that our Lighthouse program is now oversubscribed, and could grow to as many as 20 companies this year.  We are also receiving an unprecedented number of calls from systems integrators wanting to know more and get involved as we prepare the product for the market.

While we’re excited by the amount of interest and activity, there are many who say data governance is not a technology solution; it’s a people and process solution. In today’s technology savvy world, there are very few things that are NOT all three.  As we’ve talked with companies who have embarked on a data governance journey, we are hearing some common themes:

  1. Data Governance is more about linking data to business process and monitoring compliance than it is about how data is physically managed.
  2. “Trustee” has replaced the term “owner” when it comes to data- recognition that there is no one “owner” for data, rather it is a shared responsibility that is passed along.
  3. Companies who try to govern all their data inevitably fail- all data have asset value and your most important assets require tracking and managing.

Treating data as a shared enterprise asset is a new concept; it requires everyone involved in the process to be committed to a new way of doing things. Why is data governance a necessity and not a nicety? Because without effective data governance, companies who are trying to support a more mobile workforce will have trouble maintaining high quality data. As more and more devices make their way out into the market and more and more mobile apps are built, these mobile devices will begin to persist data and need to be treated just as any other computing device. Without effective data governance it will be hard to “virtualize” data in such a way that it can support the future state.

Good data governance is an absolute necessity to support the computing platform of the future, if not today’s.

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