Can we make it real?

The single biggest challenge for any software company is deciding what should go into their products. As we thought about the data governance, we considered the options; do we build on top of our existing MDM product or start from scratch? Most of the vendors we compete with in the MDM market were planning on extending MDM, but we felt this was a flawed strategy. Why? Because MDM is repository-centric and focused on managing master data only. We believed that in order to build an effective data governance product, we needed to consider ALL data, as well as business process and organizational context.

We decided to test the market with a prototype; it would demonstrate the key benefits of a potential product. We built the prototype to show the economic impact of bad data, how companies could effectively monitor their governance program, and how policies could be created and centrally managed. The response was overwhelming. Customers, partners and prospects alike expressed immediate desire for the functionality. With that, we sat down with our engineering team…

Next: From prototype to reality- where’s the focus?

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